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ACOG SMI & NYSDOH NYSPQC Webinar: Managing COVID-19+ Pregnant Patients - Shared screen with speaker view
whitney hall
what about support people?
whitney hall
antibody drawn in prenatal labs?
Peter Bernstein
Yes—antibody testing is a good idea with first prenatal labs
Kristin DeVries
You can find the ACOG Practice Advisory here: https://www.acog.org/clinical/clinical-guidance/practice-advisory/articles/2020/12/vaccinating-pregnant-and-lactating-patients-against-covid-19
Marilyn Kacica
Are providers adding antibody testing to prenatal labs routinely?
sandra mccalla
What if the newborn ends up in NICU? can parents visit the NICU?
elizabeth bostock
how do you handle families that refuse testing.
elizabeth bostock
particularly if baby needs to go to nicu
Tiffany Werbin-Silver
is there any evidence/thought/good reasoning to perhaps waiting until after the first trimester to vaccinate pregnant women with the COVID vaccine?
Peter Bernstein
There is no guidance on first trimester vaccination
sandra mccalla
We also obtain IgG within 6 weeks of EDD and on admission
Claire Nadler
how long will you keep them on anticoagulation after discharge?
Amanda Ganza
At our hospital for postpartum patients who are covid positive, they all get total of 14 days postpartum lovenox usually
Amanda Ganza
but we haven’t had many moderate to severely symptomatic mommies
CAMILLE CLARE (she/her/hers)
can you speak to the availability of eye protection in the form of google or face shields
sandra mccalla
We have added designated places where people can go to eat
sandra mccalla
we are now starting to get responses from staff
sandra mccalla
The available eye protection objects are not comfortable
whitney hall
at our institution I would say 50/50 vaccine willingness/hesitancy around both doctors and nurses.
Amanda Ganza
Yes, we have goggles and face shields, but I bring my own goggles and clean/sterilize them frequently, and use a face shield in addition if I go into a known COVID+ room or delivery
CAMILLE CLARE (she/her/hers)
most patients may not push with mask, but our ppe is key
Denis Sconzo
Isn't influenza more lethal to pregnant women v. Covid?
CAMILLE CLARE (she/her/hers)
can you speak to flu vaccine hesitancy as well?
Peter Bernstein
We are seeing some hesitancy at our institution as well but I think as more information about the vaccine gets out there, the hesitancy may decrease.
Amanda Ganza
I am definitely seeing hesitancy but once I give them resources on the method of action and the SMFM and ACOG statements many people are changing their minds. It’s all about information and education.
Burt Rochelson
Agree. It's largely on us to educate and communicate well those, especially staff, who are hesitant about getting the vaccine.
Amanda Ganza
Especially hearing that the technology has been around for 20 years and that other vaccines like Zika and Ebola are also mRNA, and that the only ingredients in the vaccine are the mRNA, a lipid and cholesterol coating, and some sugar....
Christa Christakis
please share any challenges you have currently
Denis Sconzo
It is challenging and frightening to think that, on a daily basis, our patients can unknowingly infect us with a deadly disease.
Amanda Ganza
The hardest part for me is seeing people denying this or not following precautions. It feels like a slap in the face.
sandra mccalla
I have observed less apparent anxiety in the work place over the months .Is this a sign of adaptation to the current situation? or ist unhealthy denial?
CAMILLE CLARE (she/her/hers)
I have definitely heard colleagues verbalize less anxiety.
Amanda Ganza
Same. I think fear of the unknown has calmed down now that we’ve been dealing with this for longer. I have been less anxious because at least i know PPE works, despite working with multiple COVID positive patients I have repeatedly tested COVID negative, which has been reassuring to me to keep being vigilant.
sandra mccalla
same here
Christa Christakis
www.acogny.org has webinars on physician wellness
Amanda Ganza
I feel like my husband (an anesthesiologist) and myself, currently have a “healthy detachment” coping mechanism at the moment. All of the bad stuff is currently a “drop in the bucket” of the misery of 2020, talking about it with each other and our friends and colleagues has been incredibly helpful, and we know we can address all of it once things calm down.