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NYSPQC Webinar: COVID-19 & the NICU - Shared screen with speaker view
Pinchi Srinivasan
If support person/partner testing is pending or positive with mother's test negative, is the baby still considered a PUI?
Jeff Meyers
@Pinchi - i think that is context specific. Adriann’s comment about asymptomatic positivity rates should influence this decision, in my opinion. A very low asymptomatic positivity rate should not make the baby a PUI, in my opinion. It just doesn’t make sense based on the data you have. It also probably matters in the setting of universal masking, screening visitors, eye protection, etc.
Sukhvinder Ranu
Mom is covid positive and refused testing for baby. How do you deal with this situation
Pinchi Srinivasan
@ Jeff, Thanks, I agree, but I think Dr.Campbell mentioned at Montefiore they are treating these babies as PUI ( mom -ve, Partner/support person +ve or pending)
Regina Spinazzola
we have not implemented any routine re-testing of parents unless symptomatic. We have still limited visiting to no more than 2 hours per day unless there are requirements for parent education in preparation for discharge.
Damaris Lopez
we have not extended visitation to father/partner. mom's only for 1 hour , scheduled visits.
Damaris Lopez
our unit is open, we don't have pods. all moms are screened daily.
Corey Greene
From Liberty M. Abelido:At ELMHURST NICU: NOT RETESTING but screens visitors.Mother (COVID - 19 Negative) or Father (1 visitor at a time can visit the BabyWe modify visitation 1:30-5:30 pm in NICU so they can participate in 2 feeding opportunities
Damaris Lopez
To echo Dr. Combs, staff is very scared.
Kristen Lawless
Please chat in questions or points of discussion to “Everyone”.
Corey Greene
Chat From Liberty M. Abelido:For COVID + Mother we use Tele-visitation using iPADs, iphone, and Android phone
Dyane Cavagnaro-Irvine
We used an I-Pad for these moms to facetime/Zoom with their newborn and the providers.
how long we need to isolate babies in NICU ? and why do we need to isolate, if two PCR are negative for the babies
Vera Appiah-Agyemang
At Kings, we restrict visitation for +covid Mums, we use Ipads with facetime for parents to see newborns
Mary Crittenden
What about hospitals that are testing the support person and making them leave after delivery until the result of the test is back?
Damaris Lopez
we also use iPad, FaceTime for parents of covid positive mom/puis
Damaris Lopez
As far visitation, what does the visitation entail? holding, breast feeding? what level, acuity?
Dyane Cavagnaro-Irvine
We swab our newborns born to COVID positive mothers at 24 and 48 hours. If both are negative, we discontinue isolation precautions.
Marilyn Kacica
There are outliers - moms who have been positive for a prolonged period up to a month - 6 weeks. What do you do as far as visitation in this scenario.
Rebecca Corwin
what screening tool are you using for visitors as they come in? digital? assessed by a staff member? we know no fever does not mean no early covid so I'm hesitant to use temp checks as a reliable screening tool.
Michael Brandler
Who is testing the father or support person? Labor and delivery, or elsewhere in the hospital?
Aimee Parow
what are people doing for Nicu visitation with exclusive breastfeeding mothers?
Vera Appiah-Agyemang
The father or support people are being testing at the Ambulatory care practice
Dyane Cavagnaro-Irvine
We give support person script or lab voucher, and they can have the test taken in the hospital inpatient or outpatient lab. NICU ACPs are responsible to f/u results and support person not allowed in NICU until negative results available.
Damaris Lopez
"post partum temperature" moms who've tested previous negative ? how are you addressing ? retesting?
Liberty M. Abelido
Yes, we receive EBM from COVID + Mother brought in by the significant other. Thecontainer is wiped down with disinecting wipes and placed in specimen bag thereafter.
Kristen Lawless
Just received the following question via the NYSPQC mailbox: How are you handling visitation in the NICU of parents who are traveling to the restricted states?
Liberty M. Abelido
We schedule infants of COVID + Mother follow-up check up in the afternoon clinic and COVID Neg in the morning.
Liberty M. Abelido
We send them a pack of masks (10/pack) for parents, emphasize virtual Breastfeeding support, and early WIC application to anticipate needs prior to discharge. Our department had made a gift pack (with diaper, sleep sack/bundle, wipes, receiving blankets) for NB and PT Babies.
Kristen Lawless
Thank you, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Combs and Dr. LaGamma! Great and informative discussion.
Kristen Lawless
Please send additional questions to NYSPQC@health.ny.gov or use the chat function here. Thank you!
Damaris Lopez
Thank you all for your continued dedication and support. Be safe everyone.
Arlette Bustamante
thank you all presenters for an informative discussion