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ACOG SMI & NYSDOH NYSPQC Webinar: Managing COVID+ Pregnant Patients, July 13, 2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Kristen Lawless
Beautiful family! Congrats on the new little one! :)
Iffath Hoskins
if you (or hypothetical pt) wants to switch from a planned virtual visit to an person, was/is that possible (could be an adjunct to help reassure/calm Pts). hence my question. thx
Karen Lockworth
This presentation was so great and gives a wonderful picture thru the eye of the patient.
Christa Christakis
Thank you so much for sharing your story.
Kristin DeVries
What an amazing and eye opening personal account. Your resilience is palpable. Thank you for sharing!
Dena Goffman
Thank you so much for sharing your perspective and so many thoughtful ideas and suggestions for us.
Jean Gumina
Excellent presentation, thank you for sharing!
Monica P Anderson
Thank you so much for sharing!
Kristen Lawless
Feel free to chat in questions for Kristen re: her patient experience. Thank you!
Patricia Lundy
I applaud you for sharing your experience including your history of post partum depression. So many women from so many walks of life struggle with this and it needs to be destimgatized. Thank goodness you and your children are healthy!
Kristen ODell
thank you for all the positive feedback and support! I am so happy to be able to share my story every chance I get if it will help others- both providers and patients.
Kristen ODell
in response to Iffath Hoskins question: this was my third pregnancy and besides Covid was very uncomplicated. with the two boys home from school and unable to have babysitters or family in my home due to the pandemic, I was thrilled to be able to do virtual visits and never asked to switch to an in person visit- but I feel confident that if I was more comfortable coming in, my providers would have accommodated that request. I never felt disconnected from them which was why I was able to get through this.
janet stein
Can you share the three checklists? Thanks!
Kristen Lawless
Hi, Dr. Stein. We will get a copy of the checklists from Dr. Rafael and share with all registrants.
janet stein
whitney hall
why did you choose to offsite postpartum rather than build a temporary auxiliary maternity unit for full L&D/postpartum?
Beth Zimelman
if this hasn't been asked already:
Beth Zimelman
are we going to continue to discharge early and for how long?
janet stein
How did you manage outpatient pediatric follow up for the early discharges, especially when some peds outpatient offices were closed?
Kimberly Connelly
Can we get a copy of the slides in this presentation. Thank you
Beth Zimelman
thank you
whitney hall
thanks all